Writing as Work

Any interview or biography of someone successful will no doubt mention a period of struggle. The successful person will overcome this struggle through hard work. With a very few exceptions of dumb luck, hard work is what helped the person become successful.

Just as a healthy diet and exercise are the only real ways to keep the weight off, hard work is the only real way to achieve success. I absolutely believe this.

I like reading about people with a blue collar approach to their work. Everyone from athletes to stand-up comics to business people who go to work every day and put in the hours, eventually they find some version of success.

When it comes to writing, I certainly treat it with this kind of blue collar approach. It’s important to treat it as work. You simply need to put in the time.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t feel like work. Okay, sometimes maybe. Certain aspects of writing are necessary evils, or less enjoyable. Mostly it’s the stuff around the actual writing–submissions, formatting, etc.

If you can’t enjoy any part of the actual writing process, if it all feels like work, then maybe you need a break of a few weeks to really think about your pursuit.


Treat writing as work, but don’t let it feel like work. Sometimes it helps to keep this statement in mind.

About Robert Steele

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