Humble and Hungry

It was a tough loss tonight for my Toronto Raptors. Coming off a huge win streak they met Dallas and couldn’t do enough to win.

Their star DeMar DeRozan had a horrible night getting completely shut out. Then, to make things worse, he got injured for the rest of the game.

The team was off all around, with turnovers and missing free throws. But every time the game seemed out of reach, they battled back to tighten the deficit. They only lost 106-102.

The commentary team mentioned how coach Dwayne Casey’s attitude of keeping everyone “humble and hungry” is reflected in how the players carry themselves. You don’t get too cocky when you win; you don’t quit when you lose or face adversity.

This attitude is what it takes to be successful with a lot of things, and I believe it holds true for writing. You don’t quit writing just to celebrate getting published, or making a nice sale, or getting a good review. You continue to try to be better, to improve, to continue writing.

In the same manner, you don’t give up just because of poor sales or rejection. If I stopped writing and sulked after every rejection I’d never get any writing done.

The way that this Raptor team carries itself is something rare. They are humble and hungry. You can never go wrong with that combination no matter what your line of work is.


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