Awake World vs Dream World

As a kid I used to pretend there were two different worlds that existed: the Awake World and the Dream World. I thought that if you stayed awake too long–maybe at a sleepover, eating too much candy–that the Awake World would gain too much power, that it would start to destroy any dreams once you went to bed.

On the flip side, if you stayed in bed all day sleeping, your dreams would become so strong that you’d no longer be able to distinguish reality from another dream.

This was just a fun way of looking at the world, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever believed it was real, not even as a kid. But with the amount of writing I’ve been doing lately, long binge sessions, I’ve thought about this way of seeing the world again.

With long sessions, particularly good ones where the juice is flowing and I’m not thinking about anything other than story, I seem to be traveling to the Dream World. I probably wouldn’t notice much, except I find myself during other, non-writing moments of the day, really caught up in the story. And I don’t just mean thinking about where to go next, or fixing any logic flaws. I mean really caught up thinking about the story, having it play in my head, and then catching myself sitting catatonic when I should have been doing dishes.

In terms of writing, this isn’t a bad thing, but I do find myself making a few mental mistakes which I wonder if they can be attributed to the Dream World becoming a bit more powerful than normal.

But whatever, I’m fine with a few errors throughout the day, a few awkward moments. Let the Dream World win a bit.

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