Time to Get Serious

Every now and then you need to slap yourself in the face. I mean really do it, until your face turns just a bit pink. If you draw blood, you’ve gone too far.

Even though I’ve been writing like mad as of late, really pushing the pace in terms of word count, I’ve realized that I haven’t really done enough in terms of getting my work out there.

Write, write, write. Submit, submit, submit. It’s a good mantra, but it isn’t really being all that active on the business side of things. I haven’t moved enough beyond the mantra because it’s human nature–or, at least my nature–to find comfort and get stuck in a routine.

Submitting short fiction, for instance, is an important part of getting your work out there. It’s also, however, only one avenue of getting your work out there.

Do I have enough short fiction to fill a collection? Oh my, yes. Plenty.

Do I have a finished novel just sitting and waiting to be edited and put out into the world? Yup.

Do I find it annoying when people ask questions to themselves and then go ahead and answer them? Yes, that’s brutal.

Doing all of the other things to get your work out into the world is a bit of a pain in the ass. It’s much more enjoyable to just write and send your work away to get published. But that’s not realistic, especially these days. There’s so much more involved.

It’s time to get serious about these things. It’s time to really sit down and organize what needs to be done. There’s plenty to do and I’ve just become aware of the areas where I’m lacking businesswise. I’ve become comfortably numb, but I’m also excited to get started, and, more importantly, get more of my work out there.

Time to slap myself in the face and make a gameplan.



About Robert Steele

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