Submission Tracking

I’ve always lacked organizational skills for as long as I can recall. Despite being a decent student when I was a kid, report cards would always come back with a comment about saying something like, “Robert would be helped by a focus on becoming better organized.”

Organization remains something I continue to work on into my thirties. With submitting to fiction sites, I used to write my submissions down in a little book. This wasn’t too bad, but I’d often forget to update it, and be left searching through e-mails to find if I was still waiting on a story being rejected or accepted. Also, a story could be out there far too long without a response and I wouldn’t notice.

I was thrilled to stumble upon a program not too long ago called Sonar. For anyone submitting stories on a regular basis, this is a great tool. It’s nothing fancy, nor should it be, but it’s beauty is in the clean simplicity. The main screen lists each story, where it was submitted, how long it has been out for, and if it has sold. When you click on a story you get a nice list of how much money a story has made for you.

It’s actually exciting looking at that main screen and seeing all of your stories out there. It encourages you to produce even more so that you can add another item to the list.

Sonar is a free program and worth checking out for those who, like myself, remain lacking in organization.


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